Outdoor social distancing Bingo
summer 2020

What we do

We play Bingo OUTDOORS!
Social distancing shouldn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves – as long as we play it safely & responsibly. This summer we have put measures in place to ensure both yours & our safety. 
Expect all the thrills n’ spills of high end, top draw, gut-busting light entertainment with Britain’s most colourful BINGO caller – Bingo Dick! Not to mention a nod to haute couture, a dollop of ‘perf art’ and insightful musings by the bucket load – all wrapped up in the enthralling competition that is BINGO! Play for highly desirable, splendidly sustainable prizes. Prepared to be spell-bound, as number by number you edge ever closer toward what you know yourself to be – A TRUE BORN WINNER! 
Trad Bingo, Speed Bingo, Boris Bing, Last man standing Bingo and our new bespoke product – socially distanced bingo! 

We have games for all occasions. We can be booked for private parties, public events, pub beer gardens, campsites etc – contact us via social media or by email.

 Wash your hands, eyes down, dabbers at the ready ….. let’s get ready to BINGO!! …. at a safe social distance of course!!  
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Glastonbury-on-sea '19

At last year’s Glastonbury festival, folk flocked in their droves to enjoy a barnstorming game of BINGO! It was all hand bags and elbows as they jostled to ensure they got the best seats in the house, well placed to soak up Bingo Dick’s colourful fragrance.
‘There aren’t many festivals where you can see The Cure and play Bingo with a man covered in confectionary. But then Glastonbury isn’t most festivals.’ NME, July 2019